Pilot opportunities with Air Capital Drop Zone

Air Capital Drop Zone is a skydiving business located on Cook Filed (K50) Southeast of Wichita Kansas. We fly one Cessna 182D, and tach 500 +/- hours annually. We're a Part 91 operation, operating primarily on weekends year round. We typically try to manage four Commercial pilots in a rotation, so each will fly approximately two weekend days per month and approximately 100 hours annually.

Our ideal pilot is someone who is settled, whose life is not constantly in flux, or in a constant process of job hunting, and whose weekend schedule is very flexible. We need an absolute minimum of 300 hours, preferably 500 to comply with insurance requirements. Skydiving operations is not just "a trip around the patch", it's mentally and physically demanding. Most guys after their first few training loads are surprised at how challenging the job is, and how many new skills are involved in something as "simple" as dropping skydivers over an airport.

Flying a couple of days on the weekend a month is obviously not a job that's going to feed your family. Those who fly for us are primarily in it for the time in the left seat, and enjoyment of flying. There are quite a few guys with Commercial ratings, but who can't justify spending $80 an hour to go eat a hamburger. Flying for us is a way to stay current, build a little time, spend time with fellow aircraft enthusiasts, etc.

If being a "Skydiver Driver" for Air Capital Drop Zone sounds interesting, and you're up to the challenge, drop us an

Martin Myrtle
Drop Zone Owner
Air Capital Drop Zone
Wichita Kansas.

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Pilot Positions

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